HPMI Publications

Geometrically constrained self-assembly and crystal packing of flattened and aligned carbon nanotubes; Rebekah Downes, Ayou Hao, Jin Gyu Park, Yi-Feng Su, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Benjamin D. Jensen, Emilie J. Siochi, Kristopher E. Wise, (2015), Carbon, 953 - 966.
High-resolution TEM analysis of flatten carbon nanotube packing in nanocomposites; Sarah Trayner, Ayou Hao, Jin Gyu Park, Yi-Feng Su, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Rebekah Downes, (2015), Synthetic Metals, 103 - 109.
Carbon Fiber/Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper Interply Hybrid Composites: Manufacturing Process and Tensile Properties; Shaokai Wang, Rebekah Downes, Charles Young, David Haldane, Ayou Hao, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Ben Wang, Chuck Zhang, Rob Maskell, (2015), Advanced Engineering Materials, 1442--1453.
Fabrication of silicon nanowire on freestanding multiwalled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition; Teng Liu, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Okenwa I. Okoli, Mei Zhang, (2015), Materials Letters, 353 - 356.
Real Time Failure Detection in Unreinforced Cementitious Composites with Triboluminescent Sensor; David O. Olawale, Kaitlyn Kliewer, Annuli Okoye, Tarik J. Dickens, Mohammed Jasim Uddin, Okenwa I. Okoli, (2014), Journal of Luminescence, 235--241.
Toward binder-free electrochemical capacitor electrodes of vanadium oxide-nanostructured carbon by supercritical fluid deposition: Precursor adsorption and conversion, and electrode performance; Quyet H. Do, Jesse Smithyman, Changchun Zeng, Chuck Zhang, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Jim P. Zheng, (2014), Journal of Power Sources, 1241--1247.
Molecular modeling of EPON-862/graphite composites: Interfacial characteristics for multiple crosslink densities; C. M. Hadden, Benjamin D. Jensen, A. Bandyopadhyay, G. M. Odegard, Ana Koo, Zhiyong Richard Liang, (2013), Composites Science and Technology, 92-99.
Nanoscale infiltration behaviour and through-thickness permeability of carbon nanotube buckypapers; Shaokai Wang, David Haldane, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Jesse Smithyman, Chuck Zhang, Ben Wang, (2013), Nanotechnology, 015704.
Predicting Mechanical Properties of Multiscale Composites; M Kim, D. A. Jack, Y. B. Park, Zhiyong Richard Liang, Okenwa I. Okoli, (2013), Plastics, Rubber and Composites, 349-360.
Enabling Damage Detection: Manufacturing Composite Laminates doped with Dispersed Triboluminescent Materials; Tarik J. Dickens, Okenwa I. Okoli, (2011), Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, .
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